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Thursday, 25 August 2016 09:17

I'm connected via Fiber. How do I setup my router?

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The most common set up for Fiber connected households looks like this:

Fiber router setup

Every router must be programmed with your static IP address, and other IP related information in order for you to access the Internet.

Please contact our Internet Support team to retrieve your IP information, and for assistance with programing that information into your router.

NOTE: Pin-hole resetting your router will erase your IP information, and your router will need to be reprogrammed.

Do not pin-hole reset your router, unless instructed to do so.

Internet Support (Albion)     (208) 673-1100

Internet Support (Arco)       (208) 527-1100

Internet Support (Malad)      (208) 766-1100







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