2015 Fiber Update – Albion

2015 Fiber Update - Albion

First, we would like to thank each and every customer in Albion for their patience and understanding during this project.

We are excited to announce that 99% of the fiber project has been completed in Albion. In fact, we will be finishing up the last of the fiber splices (connecting all the fiber together) this week! Our next step is to move everyone over to the new fiber optic cable. We were hoping to have everyone on the fiber before the start of 2015, but unforeseen obstacles prevented us from making that deadline.

So, what can you expect? Over the next few months, we will be reaching out to every customer to schedule a “cut-over” time. If you have Internet services with us we will need to access your current DSL modem & router (if applicable). As an added bonus, we will turn up the speed on your internet connection for a few weeks so you can see what fiber can do! Enjoy!

Common Questions

Q: What do I do with my old modem?
A: You will no longer need it. If you’d like, we can take your old modem and dispose of it properly.

Q: Will there be additional cleanup?
A: Absolutely! Winter is a bad time to do dirt cleanup (it’s either mud or frozen solid) so we will wait until Spring. You can expect to see our crews back in town as soon as it warms up. If there is a specific location you would like to bring to our attention please send us a message.

Q: How fast of Internet can I receive?
A: Today we offer speeds up to 50Mb (upload and download). We hope to offer a 100Mb service soon.

Q: How should I report problems with my new service?
A: Please call us directly at 673-5335. Be sure to mention that you have been cut over to fiber.