2022 Halloween Decorating Contest Winners

  Another Halloween decorating contest is coming to a close and we couldn’t be more thrilled with this year’s participants’ displays. So many residential customers went all out this year, making it difficult to narrow down to just three winners. This year’s winners will be awarded a free month of internet and a gift basket…

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Gig Internet Giveaway

Enter to Win Gig Internet FREE for Six Months We pride ourselves on great service and it’s your feedback that makes that possible. Consider leaving a review on Google and/or Facebook today and you will automatically be entered into a drawing to receive six months of FREE gigabit (1,000 Mbps) internet.*  Here’s how it works:  Leave an online…

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Don’t Get Reeled-In by a Phishing Attack

Cyber Security Awareness Month

Over 75% of cyberattacks start with someone opening a malicious email. These emails are designed to extract data from the recipient, usually a password, which is used to gain further access to an organization’s network. Once an account takeover has been successful, hackers are able to mount more sophisticated attacks.  Phishing is the most common…

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Climbing the Ranks Through Hard Work and Dedication

Employee Spotlight Feature Image

Kaydon Beard explains how he went from being a seasonal hire to becoming the youngest Telecom Network Supervisor in company history.     After spending one year as a seasonal hire and three years as a Telecom Network Technician, Kaydon Beard climbed the ranks to Telecom Network Supervisor in Arco at the young age of 23 -…

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“The Central Newsletter”?

Grandma Breslin _Featured Image

The story behind why we changed the newsletter from being entertainment based to being more company and industry-focused and why we choose to call it “The Central Newsletter”  Our newsletter has a new look and a new name! Gone are the days of cat gifs, baking videos, and DIY tips. Although the cat gifs were…

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5th Annual Halloween Decorating Contest

Here’s How to Enter:  Decorate your house, yard or business Call or fill out an entry form by October 28 to let us know your display is done. On October 31 we will award prizes to three households and three businesses with the best displays. *Participants do not need to be ATC subscribers to participate.…

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Cyber Awareness Month_Feature Image

Holiday Savings Request Happy Holidays! Let us know which coupon you would like to apply to your account today! Name First Last PhoneWhich coupon(s) would you like to apply to your account?CAPTCHA **Three-Month Speed Upgrade – If you would like to return to your lower speed, please call your local ATC office. Otherwise, your bill…

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