Announcing the Full List of 2023 Fiber Projects

What a year it’s going to be, 2023! We have several fiber projects planned that will keep our employees busy and our customers happy. Fiber optic internet is the most advanced communications technology on the planet. It delivers lightning-fast speeds, unmatched reliability, and unlimited bandwidth. We are committed to getting a fiber internet connection to all our customers within our communities.  

ATC is lucky to have such wonderful employees and construction contractors to work with. This allows us to work on multiple projects at a time within our vast service areas. Our construction projects are as follows: 

Cassia County  

Riverside Subdivision – We are excited to bring fiber internet to the Springdale area in the Riverside subdivision.  

Elba Town – We will be connecting homes to fiber internet in the town of Elba.  

Elba To Almo – We will be plowing mainline fiber from the town of Elba to the town of Almo and connecting homes along the way.  

Almo Town – We will be connecting homes to fiber internet in the town of Almo.  

Butte County  

Decoria Ave – Our first Butte County project of the year will be the Decoria Ave subdivision. We will be replacing aging aerial copper with fiber. 

Custer County  

North Chilly – In Custer County we will be finishing up the edge of our network on our North Chilly Project.  

Leslie – Our second project in Custer County will be in the Leslie area where we will be replacing aging copper lines with fiber. 

In addition to the projects listed above, we are planning to finish the Mackay Town project from last year. 

“At ATC we are dedicated to improving the quality of service for our customers,” Kyle Redman, Director of Sales & Business Development said. “Reliable internet is essential to everyday life and the residents in our communities deserve the best in internet technology. We are proud to be bringing reliable service to our customers.”  

We set out a few years ago with the goal of delivering the best in internet technology to all our customers. Each year we get closer and closer to that goal.  Our plan this year is to serve over 300 homes and businesses with fiber internet. We ask all current and future customers to be patient with us, as fiber construction is a very time-consuming and labor-intensive process. We appreciate your business and your patronage.  

If you are interested in a fiber internet connection, submit your address HERE. The interest we receive helps us better determine where to build next.