2024 Fiber Projects Announced

The race continues as we continue to expand our fiber network to as many customers as possible. This year, we are set to deliver 300 additional homes and businesses with high-speed internet connectivity across five counties and two states.   

From Portage, Utah to Mackay, Idaho construction crews are busy ensuring that rural Utahans and Idahoans are provided with the best in internet technology. In Box Elder County, we are set to plow mainline fiber, starting in Portage and ending near Plymouth. 

Customers in Idaho, especially Cassia County and Custer County, will see improvements in their internet connectivity. Sublet, Juniper and Conner Creek, situated in Cassia County, will see fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) this year after construction crews replace aging copper with fiber optics.  

Finally in Custer County, residents in Leslie will reap the benefits of last year’s efforts in mainline upgrades and will receive FTTH. North of Leslie, Mine Hill residents can expect the same with FTTH. And lastly, in the Darlington area, construction crews will be replacing aging copper lines.  

"I am proud of our team's relentless efforts to expand our fiber network and bring high-speed internet to rural communities," said Kyle Bradshaw, General Manager of ATC. "This year, our focus is on ensuring that more homes and businesses in Idaho and Utah experience the benefits of fiber. Our commitment to improving connectivity in these areas underscores our dedication to serving our customers with the best possible service." 

Interested in a fiber connection? Submit your interest by visiting, www.atcnet.net/fiber