Announcing 2023 Plans to Expand Fiber Network in Butte County

We are expanding our fiber infrastructure in Butte County this year bringing reliable, high-speed internet services to over 90 homes and businesses. Construction for the 2023 season will begin in the second quarter of the year bringing a future-proof fiber optic network to residents in the Decoria subdivision in Arco and other surrounding areas.  

“Within the Arco city limits 70% of locations will have fiber by the end of the year. The total percentage for Butte County is close to 40% which is well above the state-wide average of 26%,” Kyle Bradshaw, General Manager of ATC said.  “We recognize that there’s still a lot of work left to do in Butte County, but we’re very proud of the network we’ve built so far. The hard part is done, we now have a fiber backbone that covers most of the valley. We won’t stop until everyone has fiber.”  

Last year, we worked hard to finish several fiber projects in the valley – including projects in Chilly, Trail Creek, Mackay City, and Remington Ridge Rd, totaling around 270 new fiber connections. Fiber is not the only technology we use. Late last year, a new communications tower in Howe was approved by Butte County and installed in November. Using wireless antennas, we hope to reach over 90 locations and offer speeds up to 75 Mbps.  

“At ATC we are dedicated to improving the quality of service for our customers. Reliable internet is essential to everyday life and the residents in our communities deserve the best in internet technology. We are proud to be bringing reliable service to our customers in Butte County,” Kyle Redman, Business Development Manager at ATC said.  


About Fiber Internet  

Fiber is the most advanced communications technology on the planet delivering faster internet speeds, unmatched reliability, and unlimited bandwidth. Interested in a fiber connection? Click HERE to learn more!