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World Photo Day

Love Taking Photos? You’re In Good Company! We live in a world where millions of pictures are uploaded to the internet every minute of every day. Sharing photos has become so commonplace, society often takes the gift of photography for granted. As you flick through photos from your last holiday, remember there was once a…

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The Social Media Craze

It’s undeniable that Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) has significantly impacted modern society.  Statistics about increased social media use continue to shock and amaze most Idahoans, as we’re often just a few years behind the trending curve.  Nevertheless, the phenomenon of “staying connecting”, every hour of every day, has breached all cultures and demographics.…

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Useful Tips For Managing Passwords

Today’s complex world utilizes passwords for literally everything. Email, social media, online banking and more all require passwords for online access. Remembering dozens of passwords, and keeping them organized for when you need them,  is a struggle we can all relate to. Luckily, we’ve compiled a short video to help!  In just a few short…

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Big News for WiFi Customers

If your household LOVES Wifi – then we have good news for you! ATC is pleased as punch to announce a brand new line-up of Wifi routers and range extenders. As a leader in fast, reliable Internet, we cannot stress enough how important it is to have a quality Wifi Router in your home. Remember,…

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World Password Day – March 31st

Win A Portable Hard Drive on Facebook! Over the years you’ve accumulated thousands of digital photos and important documents. Tax returns, family vacation pictures, and financial records – all of which are stored on your computer or even your cell phone.  But what would you do if suddenly these files were lost?  Would you be…

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Malad’s First Gig Internet Home

On Tuesday, February 21st, the City of Malad experienced a ground-breaking milestone. On this quiet morning in downtown Malad, a state-of-the-art technology advancement was taking place right beneath our noses. The spring day was the culmination of one local company’s million-dollar investment, and lifelong dream. Thousands of man-hours combined with a vision for the future…

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What’s the Big Deal with Line Locates?

What’s the big deal about getting underground communications cable located before I dig? It’s not like anyone can get hurt if I accidentally cut the cable. As an internet service provider technician, I often witness folks dragging their feet and expressing hesitancy when it comes to getting underground communications cables located before they begin digging…

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2016 Fall Fiber Update – Malad, ID.

ATC’s Fiber-To-The-Home Project Continues In Malad As the construction season draws to a close, ATC crews diligently continue the deployment of their Fiber-To-The-Home initiative.  The process began over two years ago, when ATC’s General Manager, Rich Redman, announced their quest to connect every Malad home and business to their state-of-the-art fiber network.  “Fiber is the…

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Are You Ready For Idaho’s New Area Code?

 NEW AREA CODE COMING TO IDAHO IN 2017 Get ready to change the way you dial your local calls! The Idaho Public Utilities Commission will implement a new area code overlay in 2017. What is an area code overlay? An overlay is the addition of another area code (986) to the same geographic region as…

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Every Home Needs Internet Security Filters

If you’re looking for simple, user-friendly and free (yes, absolutely FREE) Internet Security Filters for your household, then this article is for you. But first, a warning: On the way to understanding how to use this free Internet monitoring service, you’ll have to read about some technical, fairly arcane topics. But trust me: It’ll be…

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