Cyber-Attacks are a Growing Concern for Businesses

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Cyber attacks are a growing threat, especially to smaller businesses, as a result, it is important as ever to protect your business.

Why are small businesses a target? Lack of security infrastructure is really what it comes down to. Cybercriminals know that a smaller business is less likely to have a team of IT professionals protecting their computer systems and networks.

Impact of cyber attacks
Cyber attacks can damage any business in a range of ways including economic, reputational, and regulatory costs.

When do you need to hire IT support?
Whether a company is thinking of adopting cloud-based software, has an email, maintains a website, or just simply uses the internet, cybersecurity should be a high priority.

Secure computer systems and networks create a culture that will enhance business and create consumer confidence.

That’s where we step in. We monitor everything across your organization. To learn more and schedule a free IT audit, click HERE.

Cyber theft is the most commonly reported fraud, surpassing physical theft.

-Federal Communications Commission

64% of companies targeted by attackers are small businesses.

-Cyber Readiness Institute’s 2020 Report

Cyber-attacks cost businesses over $200 million on average.


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