FCC Acknowledges Rural Call Completion Issues

FCC Acknowledges Rural Call Completion Issues

Have you had poor call quality, dropped calls, and phantom ringing?  If so, you’re not alone.  This issue has been plaguing rural carriers for months and the FCC is finally addressing the issue:

Excerpt from their blog post:
Rural “call completion” problems are a serious issue that the Commission has been grappling with over the past few months.  Local phone providers in rural areas have reported an alarming increase in complaints from customers that long distance calls and faxes are not reaching them. Other complaints include poor call quality and incorrect caller ID information, showing perhaps an unfamiliar local number for a long-distance call.  It’s a persistent and ongoing concern affecting 80% of rural carriers recently surveyed by a rural telephone company trade association on the issue.

Please read the entire article here:


We are happy to see that the FCC is taking the appropriate steps to help fix this national issue.  If you experience these issues please report them to the FCC here or Contact Us.