Internet Security Filters – Don’t Miss This

If you have kids at home then you need to know about the latest trend in internet security filters – Circle with Disney.  Whether you’re looking for customized internet filters, time limits, or even the ability to monitor your children’s internet activity when they are away from home, Circle with Disney takes smart parental controls to the next level.


What is Circle with Disney?

Circle with Disney is an innovative approach to internet content filtering. It’s available to use on any type of internet connection (wireless or wired), and essentially monitors the activity of all devices on your connected home network. You can even manage your family's mobile devices on any cellular network away from home with Circle Go.  From laptops and tablets to smartphones and game consoles, Circle is designed to help you oversee them all.  

Here’s how Circle works: If your son Freddy spends too much time on Snapchat, for example, you could limit his access to one hour a day. Circle will monitor that time across all of Freddy’s devices. Circle also offers a “bedtime” feature helping to ensure your techy child is truly offline at any specified time.  Additionally, Circle comes with preset filters that can be handy in restricting access to certain parts of the web based on the child’s age. To learn more about these and other cool Circle features, check out Circle online at

How do I get started with Circle?

Although Circle has been on the market since 2015, it wasn’t until two years later that they really began to make some noise. In fall of 2017, Circle partnered with Netgear (one of the nation’s leading router manufacturers) to create a more seamless internet filtering platform.  This means that Circle’s filtering technology is built directly into some Netgear routers, making the service even simpler to set up and use. Many of ATC’s Netgear routers come with Circle integration built right in. Visit to learn if your Netgear router already has Circle with Disney built in.

If you don’t have a Netgear router (or Circle isn’t built into your Netgear router), don’t worry.  The benefits of Circle can still be achieved by adding a Circle Home device to any existing router. The Circle Home runs about $100 and is available from retailers everywhere, including

What does Circle cost?

Here’s the best part: Circle Home service is actually FREE.  No kidding! Of course you’ll need to purchase the Circle Home Device (as mentioned above) or own a Netgear router integrated with Circle (available at your local ATC office) to get started. However, once you have the equipment there are no monthly fees!  Access to Circle’s basic features like filters, usage history, and the ability to pause the internet are FREE. More advanced features like usage, time limits, and the “Bedtime” feature are available with a premium subscription, currently only $4.95 a month. If you want to expand your Circle coverage to include devices connected to any cellular network, you’ll need to add on Circle Go. Circle Go requires a monthly subscription of $4.99 and can cover up to 10 devices on any mobile network.  If you’re ready to get started, just click here.

As you can see, Circle with Disney takes internet parental controls to the next level.  Its ease of use and broad functionality combined with a trusted brand name, makes it a top pick from your friends at ATC.  

Other options for internet content filtering include: