Jeff Leach Celebrates his 15th Year Work Anniversary

Marking 15 years to the day, Jeff Leach began his journey with ATC. Jeff, our Mechanic/Facilities Maintenance Tech, has consistently been our go-to guy to keep things running. We're grateful for his unwavering commitment to ATC and for making all our jobs easier!
Comments from his coworkers:
"Jeff is truly a do-it-all type of guy. From changing a lightbulb to repairing our plow, he does it all. He makes sure the rest of us have the working tools to get our jobs done comfortably, and I'm so glad he's part of our team." - Kyle Bradshaw
"He is the go, Fix It All Guy." - Dave Perry
"Nobody within ATC is unaffected by the things Jeff does. Also, the majority of the things that Jeff gets done do not get recognized. When the rest of the ATC employees show up to work, things are working as they should with no degradation to performance. This is not coincidence or magic, it's Jeff. He, without prompting, keeps our vehicles and buildings maintained and our offices comfortable. Jeff is great!" - Cody Matthews