Why ATC Phone Service?

As a small business, your company's success relies on maintaining a clear line of communication with customers. Choose ATC business phone services and experience the peace of mind and dependability that only we can offer. We've been providing phone service to local customers since 1929—no other company can rival our commitment to great service. 

Business customers enjoy access to local and long distance calling plans, with features like caller ID, selective call acceptance, and three way calling. Explore our flexible phone plans to determine which option best fits the needs of your business.

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Business Phone Service starts at $49.00 per month

Calling Features You'll Love

 Anonymous Call Rejection  $2.00
 Call Forward Busy  $2.00
 Call Forward No Answer  $2.00
 Call Forwarding  $3.00
 Call Waiting  $3.50
 Caller ID Name & Number  $5.50
 Caller ID Number Only  $4.50
 Caller IC/Call Waiting ID  $6.50
 Caller Name & Number Suppression  $1.00
 Long Speed Dialing  $2.00
 Priority Call  $3.00
 Selective Call Acceptance  $2.00
 Selective Call Forwarding  $2.00
 Selective Call Rejection  $4.00
 Short Speed Dialing  $1.00
 Teen Service/Distinctive Line  $8.00
 Three Way Calling  $2.00
 Warm Line  $1.50

Long Distance Rates

Plan In State Out of State Monthly Charge
Plan 1 $.12 $.05 $6.95
Plan 2 $.12 $.07 $4.95
Plan 3 $.12 $.10 None
Plan 4 $.15 - None
Plan 5 - $.15 None
Plan 6 - $.10 $4.95



Need Technical Support?

Need support with your existing phone service? Visit our Support Center to troubleshoot your problem or contact us to speak with a technician. 

Albion (208) 673-5335     Arco (208) 527-3249     Malad (208) 766-2882

Explore Our Coverage Area

We proudly serve the communities of Albion, Malta, Raft River, Elba, Almo, Yost, Arco, Howe, Moore, Mackay, Malad City & Holbrook.

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See What Our Customers Think

Our loyal customers know us as a trusted part of their community.

“Everyone at ATC always shows wonderful professionalism and friendliness. They remember who I am and follow up to make sure things are going well”

Mariah J.

Malad City, ID.

“Everyone that I have dealt with at ATC has been fantastic! They make sure that as a customer, I am satisfied completely before I leave the office.”

Louise T.

Malad City, ID.

“I just got new service hooked up. It was fast and simple. The girls in the office did a great job with the sign up, and the tech had me up and running the very next day!”

Lacy K.

Arco, ID

“Decided to go with ATC for internet and have no regrets. Best service and speed EVER!”

Jill B.

Arco ID.

“Wonderful experience in our recent move. This was our third move, and ATC never disappoints. Thanks for the last 16 years and looking forward to the next and more”

Connie T.

Mackay ID.


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