How do I block unwanted emails?

First, log into your eScout service here. (You will need to know your email password).  Please note this is a separate website from your traditional email.

eScout is ATC’s free spam and virus filtering service. It will show you a breakdown of all the messages you’ve received, including emails that were caught in your Spam Folder, emails with suspicious attachments, and more.

To block unwanted emails/email senders, begin by clicking the “White/Black List” tab.

Next, type the email address that you would like to block.  Click the “Blacklist” bullet to add this email address to your Black List, the click the “Add To List” button.

Pro Tip: You can block out an entire email group, or domain, by placing an asterisk  *   in front of the domain. For Example, if you want to block all emails from, just type in *, click the “Blacklist” bullet, and click “Add To List”.  Now all emails from Slickdeals will be blocked by eScout. They will never be delivered to your inbox. However, you can review them anytime by logging into your eScout service portal.

The Whitelist works the exact opposite and will ensure that any emails you want to receive will never get stuck in your spam folder again. Pretty Cool huh!


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