I received a copyright violation notice. What does this mean?

You have received this notice because someone on your home network has downloaded copyrighted material. Downloading copyrighted material is illegal and against our Internet Terms and Conditions.

As you look through the body of the Copyright Violation Notice, you will see the name of the illegal material that was downloaded.

If you are unaware of this illegal download, you may have a virus or malware on your computer or network device. To remedy the situation, start by reviewing your installed programs and uninstall anything that does not look familiar.  Look for programs with the words ‘Torrent’, ‘Bittorrent’, or ‘Share’.  Next, ensure that you have virus protection installed and run a full-system scan.  You may want to consider installing spyware removal programs such as Malware Bytes or Windows Defender.

Also, please ensure that your connection is not shared with others. An “open” or unsecure home network allows anyone to use your internet to perform malicious or criminal activities.  You may want to consider making your home network more secure by changing your wifi password and the username/password to your router. Don’t worry, making those changes is easier than you think. Our FREE 24/7 Internet Support team is standing by to assist you.

  • Arco (208) 527-1100
  • Albion (208) 673-1100
  • Malad (208) 766-1100

More information: http://www.respectcopyrights.org/

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