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Frequently Asked Questions

I received a Spam email. What should I do?

You should report any spam emails you receive, so you don’t get spam emails from that sender again.  For step by step video instructions on how to check, manage, and report spam emails click here.  Otherwise, follow the instructions below.

First, login to your email at our website by clicking here.

1) Next, click the “eScout” tab.

2) Then click “Delivered Mail”

2015-10-26 10-27-02

3) Locate the email that is Spam, then report this email by clicking the “SPAM” bullet.

2015-10-26 10-28-56

4) Click ‘Confirm Selected Items’ at the bottom of that page.

Your done!  Now, eScout (your Spam and Virus filtering software) will be smarter, and will automatically move future emails from this sender to your “Spam” folder.

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