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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my Spam or Junk email?

Click to view a short “How-To” video.


Otherwise, follow the instructions below.

Log into your email online here. (You will need to know your email password)

Click the eScout tab on the right.

2015-10-23 11-38-26

eScout is ATC’s free spam and virus filtering. It will show you a breakdown of all the messages you’ve received, including emails that were caught in your Spam Folder, emails with suspicious attachments, and more.

1) By default, eScout default opens your spam folder where you can easily view every email that was flagged as potential spam. These emails were never delivered to your inbox.  In the example below, there are 105 “Spam” emails, and 44 “Delivered Mail”.

2015-10-23 11-40-26

2) eScout even assigns your spam email with a “Score”.  The higher the score, the higher probability that email is spam.  The lower the score, the least likely that particular email is spam.

3) If you see a spam email that is actually legitimate, just tell eScout it is a good email by marking that email as “not SPAM”.  The more you use eScout, the smarter it will get. eScout learns from your suggestions and gets smarter over time.

2015-10-23 11-50-41

4) Don’t forget to click Confirm Selected Items on the bottom of your list to approve your changes.


Sound like mush? Click here to watch a short, “How To” video.

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