What’s the difference between internet and WiFi?

Internet and WiFi are terms we see used interchangeably all the time. “Hey, what’s your WiFi password?” or “Can I get your internet password?.” They mean the same thing, don’t they?

Actually, the internet and WiFi are two separate entities that work together to give you internet access. You can have internet without WiFi but you can’t have WiFi without internet.

The internet is what allows you to connect to other devices and services around the world. The Internet is required for browsing websites, streaming videos, or downloading photos.

WiFi is a wireless network that connects the wireless devices in your home (laptops, phones, tablets and more) to the internet via your router.

Although many of us get these terms confused and combined, WiFi and Internet are two very different things. However, they are literally and figuratively linked. When WiFi and Internet are paired together, they offer access to video, audio, online gaming, web browsing and more through wireless and wired devices.

Internet vs WiFi graphic