What is Bandwidth?


  Think of bandwidth in terms of a highway. The highway is the network connection (wifi) and the cars are the data. The more lanes a highway has, the faster the cars can travel.   Essentially more bandwidth equals a faster rate in which information can be transferred. As you use more web connected devices…

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Refer a Friend

Refer A Friend

  Refer a Friend TODAY! Here’s how it works: Refer a friend who lives in our service areas. Check out the areas we serve HERE. Call your local office and let one of our Customer Service Representatives know that you have made a referral. When your friend signs a one year contract, you both score!…

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What Is Bandwidth? Do You Have Enough Bandwidth For Schooling At Home?

School re-opening plans are rolling out and parents everywhere are faced with tough decisions on how to best facilitate their child’s education. With the possibility for split scheduling, online courses, and homeschooling, do you know if your home’s internet is up to the challenge? Check out the video below to see how internet bandwidth really…

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Protect Your Router From Internet Security Threats

Routers have long been a favorite target for hackers, and it’s not hard to understand why.  Think about it: Your router is responsible for transmitting all the data that flows to and from your home or business.  From credit card information to sensitive emails, your router handles it all. From a hacker’s perspective there is…

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National Best Friend Day – WIN $50

National Best Friend Day – June 8th, 2018  WIN $50! Everyone needs a BFF – that unique individual who never forgets your birthday, laughs at all your jokes, makes the good times better and the hard times easier.  Whether you talk to your bestie every day or you live miles apart, your BFF is always there…

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