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Cindy Pease

Cindy Pease Service Order Coordinator


Coordinating and tracking our customer’s orders is no simple feat.  Thank goodness for Cindy Pease, our Service Order Coordinator!  Cindy has been with ATC since 1998, and has turned into our “Go-To Girl”!  Whether it’s processing phone orders, or masterfully coordinating the workflow between our Customer Service Reps and Technicians, Cindy is the girl with the tools to get stuff DONE. In her free time, Cindy loves to hunt, ride horses, and go snowmobiling and snowboarding. She also loves playing with her kids and grandkids, fountain Pepsi, and the R&R of cruising the back roads on her shiny Harley. Cindy is gifted in her ability to always look on the bright side of things, as long as there isn’t a spider in the mix! We’re lucky to have this energetic, adrenaline junkie girl on our ATC Team!