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Rick Smyer Combo Technician

“Tenacious Troubleshooter”

Rick Smyer has been with ATC Communications since 1996. During his tenure, Rick has helped implement the incredible advancements in Internet speed availability. He was on-site when the company’s first dial-up customer was connected at a whopping 19.2 Kbps. As technology advancements continued through the years, Rick has been there – helping to work out the kinks – every step of the way. Rick’s determination on the job has earned him the title of “Tenacious Troubleshooter”. When he’s not diligently keeping our subscribers in top-notch condition, you might find him tinkering on his Toyota Land Cruiser, or spending time with his grand-kids. Rick also enjoys a good rib-eye steak (with baked potato, of course) and a classic Mountain Dew. We’re appreciative of Rick’s long-standing support to our ATC team!