Three Types of Broadband Connections We Offer

Scrolling through social media, streaming the latest binge-worthy Netflix show, sending and receiving emails – all of these activities require a broadband connection. In today’s blog post we cover the three different types of technologies we use to deliver internet to your home or business.




DSL, Digital Subscriber Line, transmits data over traditional copper telephone lines already installed to homes and businesses. Speed is dependent on your proximity to our Central Office.



Wireless uses a radio link via an antenna to connect your home or business to the internet. A direct line-of-sight between the wireless transmitter (our tower) and receiver (your antenna) is required. Speeds are generally comparable to DSL.



Fiber-optic technology is composed of ultra-thin glass strands that transmit light. Fiber sends data at speeds far greater than all broadband connections. Interested in fiber? Click HERE to learn more.