Tired of Waiting?


Does your Netflix take too long to load?  Does it sometimes stall or “buffer” during play? Nothing is more frustrating than trying to watch a movie that constantly stalls or has extremely poor picture quality. But don’t worry –  We’re here to help fix it!

Did You Know? Netflix recommends a minimum 5 Mbps Internet Speed in order to stream HD quality video on just ONE device?  In other words, if you have multiple devices in your home OR your household plays online games (Xbox or PlayStation), you might experience slow loading videos or even a “dropped” connection.  This occurs because your household doesn’t have enough bandwidth to support your family’s Internet activities.  Even high-end Internet applications (such as Netflix) will perform at sub-standard levels, if they don’t have a fast enough connection.

Here’s the Fix: A FASTER Internet connection may resolve the majority of your streaming video issues! Although there are other factors to consider, we’ve found that households with a 10 Mbps or higher Internet speed have FEWER problems streaming video and playing online games.  As a result, we always recommend a minimum 10 Mbps Internet speed for today’s “Streaming and Gaming” families.

The Good News:  When you upgrade your Internet Speed, your Family Movie Night snacks are on us!
Movie Night Bucket

We’re giving away a FREE “Movie Night Bucket” with any speed upgrade in June and July!  We’re confident that you’ll enjoy the faster speeds, and will have an IMPROVED Internet experience.  With faster plans starting at only $10 more per month, it’s an investment you can actually afford. Call us today!

** Faster speeds not available in all areas. $25 Downgrade fee charged if Internet Plan is turned back down within 12 months. Offer expires July 31st, 2016.