Fiber FAST Internet

Is Coming To Water Canyon

GOOD NEWS, Water Canyon Community!

Beginning this summer, our construction partners will assist us with plowing fiber optics to your home!

Fiber is the future of communications technology. Fiber delivers lightning fast internet speeds along with reliability that is second to none. Fiber is faster, more efficient, and more secure than any other internet technology available - and YOU deserve the best!

We know this investment will help your local economy grow and provide more opportunities for your children. We will work hand-in-hand with you along the way to ensure the construction process is seamless and stress free. We are excited to bring big city broadband technology to Water Canyon!

Water Canyon Area.

What To Expect Along The Way

Fiber Project.
Fiber Project.

Common Questions

What is Fiber?  

Fiber optic cable is a bundle of fiber optic threads made of pure glass each about the diameter of a human hair. Fiber optic cable uses light instead of electricity to carry digital data. It is able to transmit information at virtually unlimited speed and capacity! 

How will a fiber connection improve my life?  

Fiber delivers faster speeds, increased reliability, and unlimited bandwidth! Fiber is the most advanced method to deliver high-speed internet. Plus, fiber is a great economic leveler for rural residents. Your home will have the same advanced connectivity as the most high-tech buildings in the world!  

Will getting fiber disturb my property?  

We will have to plow or bore a fiber drop to your home which will disturb your property. Our goal is to treat your property as if it were our own. We will always strive to promptly restore your property to a condition as close to original as possible.  

Will equipment be installed at my home?  

Yes. We will place a small fiber junction box on the outside of your home and Inside your home we will be installing a new Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and a wireless router. Additional ethernet wiring inside your home may also be required. Don’t Worry! Although this process sounds a bit complicated, it doesn’t take long at all and will be performed by a skilled ATC technician at no cost to you!  

A battery backup will be required to power your phone and/or internet service in the event of a general power outage.  


How is fiber optic cable installed?  

First we bore, trench, or plow in duct underground. We then blow the fiber optic cable through the conduit using compressed air moving at very high speeds. The high-velocity air flow causes the cable to float, and that way we can feed it through easily.  

Why a buried fiber network?  

Buried networks are all about Reliability, Reliability, Reliability! Count on your fiber connection working in blizzards, fires, or windstorms!  

Will fiber increase the value of my home?

A fiber connection to your home could increase the value of your home by as much as much as 3% according to the Fiber To The Home Council. Your investment in your home means more money in your pocket. More importantly, fiber to your home means a higher quality of life for you and your family in this digital information age.

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