World Password Day – March 31st

World Backup Day

Win A Portable Hard Drive on Facebook!

Over the years you’ve accumulated thousands of digital photos and important documents. Tax returns, family vacation pictures, and financial records – all of which are stored on your computer or even your cell phone.  But what would you do if suddenly these files were lost?  Would you be an emotional wreck if this was your only copy?

Truth is, nobody can anticipate an accident. And it takes just one small computer failure to destroy all of the important thingsyou care about. In fact, permanent data loss is way more common than you’d think. With 113 cell phones lost or stolen every minute, and 1 in 10 computers infected with viruses each month, it’s important to regularly backup your information.

Remember, a “backup” is simply a second copy of all your important files.  Instead of storing all your information in just one place (like your computer), it’s keeping a second copy of these important files somewhere else that’s safe. Most people backup their files in one of two ways: to an external drive, or somewhere on the Internet (commonly referred to as “cloud storage”).  For step by step directions on how either method works, visit the World BackUp website.

In the meantime, mark your Facebook calendar the week of March 31st – “World Backup Day”. We’ll be hosting a FUN, Facebook-only game where you could win a FREE portable hard drive. At ATC, we’re here to help our customers remember the increasing role of data in our lives, and the importance of regular backups. Find us on Facebook on March 31st, for your chance to WIN! (And don’t forget to backup your treasured files!)