Business Voice

A custom phone system for all your business needs. We're here to make sure your new phone system works like a charm, saving you time and money. Our technicians will empower you to control your own phone settings, manage any number of users, and access your system anytime, anywhere.

Custom Phone System

What can ATC's Business Voice do for you?

Improved Voice Quality and Reliability 

Our phones offer HD quality and are built for Gigabit Ethernet, thereby facilitating very rapid call handling and an easy application of accessories, such as headsets. We have a lease program available, and all phones are warrantied by us! 

Local Call Switching and Customer Support

Our techs are committed to providing the highest quality support and our response time is fast and dependable. Our switch is located right here in Idaho on our all-fiber network. That guarantees the highest quality possible. The 'other guys' put their switch in Denver or California - that's a long way for your voice to travel. Keep it local!

Simplistic Design and Set Up

With ATC Business Voice, upgrading your business communications is simple. Every package comes with on-site personalized training and we will guide you through the set-up process and provide hands on training.    

Improved Employee Productivity

There is an added bonus of increased productivity that naturally comes when you upgrade from a traditional analog voice service. Saving time and money, ATC Business Voice enables employees to access their work phone anywhere at any time! 

Enhanced Phone Features

We make it custom to fit your business and give you the ability to add and change features that work for you. All the bells and whistles are included like caller ID, voicemail, call waiting, and even the ability to transfer a desk phone to a cell phone 

Keep Your Existing Numbers

Most other providers will require you to change your number. Not with us! Keep the number your customers know, and you have published.  

Optima HD IP Conference Phone

Yealink CP960 - Conference Phone

The Yealink CP960 is a conference phone perfect for day-to-day conference calls. This system sets new standards for sound quality and immerses participants in every discussion. With noise-reducing technology, this device can be used in mid-large meeting rooms with up to 20 people.

Yealink T48S IP Phone

The SIP-T48S IP Phone is the ultimate communications tool for businesses. It offers a large touch screen that makes switching between pages and applications swift, easy and convenient. The phone uses Gigabit Ethernet technology for rapid call handling. Plus, it works in conjunction with Bluetooth USB Dongle and Wi-Fi USB Dongle.


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“As a business it’s important to be accessible and available. ATC Business Voice helps callers get ahold of us easier and faster. I would absolutely recommend ATC to any business who is looking for a more professional, easy to use phone system.”

Rosanne Rex
P Bar S Dairy, Malta ID