Connecting Rural Communities Since 1929

The Leading Internet Provider for Albion, Arco, Malad and Surrounding Communities. 

Why Choose Us?


Fast Support From Local Technicians


Trusted by Local Communities for Over 85 Years


Strongest WiFi Technology Available


Unlimited Bandwidth — No Data Caps!

Explore Our Coverage Area

We proudly serve the communities of Albion, Malta, Raft River, Elba, Almo, Yost, Declo, Arco, Howe, Moore, Mackay, Malad City, Holbrook and Portage.

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How We Compare

There's a lot of competition out there, but we blow them away every time.

The Other Guys


Reliable Service

Our underground connections aren't affected by inclement weather.

Winter Blackouts


Unlimited Data

We never cap your data usage, giving you the flexibility your family needs.

Data Caps


Lightning Fast

Our speeds are 2 to 50 times faster than other Internet providers.

Evening Slowdowns


Local Advantange

We maintain a response time of under 24 hours. We solve problems fast.

Long Waits

Our VIP WiFi + Service is

WiFi Management Made Easy For Only Pennies A Day

It’s a personalized service providing secure, fast, reliable WiFi that covers your whole home. Powered by the router and managed by the ATC App for the ultimate WiFi experience.

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We're Part of Something Big

We're a proud partner of Syringa Networks, Idaho's leading fiber optic provider. We provide advanced broadband solutions that enable our rural customers to compete in the global economy. Click here to learn more.

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Our loyal customers know us as a trusted part of their community.