WiFi that Gets Your Priorities

For Working From Home

Network Priorities app




WiFi that Gets Your


For Working From Home

Network Priorities app
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Working from home has a lot of pros. Buffering during an important video call is not one of them.

Now with ExperienceIQ through the ATC VIP WiFi app you can prioritize work devices so you don't have to worry about buffering during your Monday morning team meeting.


Monitor Bandwidth

You have the ability to monitor bandwidth and send it where you need it most

Q2 VIP WiFi +-30


Create work schedules so video calls and large files sharing are prioritized on your network

Traffic priority

Traffic Priority

Set prioritization from highest priority to lowest priority

Step One

Download the ATC VIP WiFi app through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Step Two

Enable ExperienceIQ and ProtectIQ in the ATC app by filling out the form found at the sign up button.


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ExperienceIQ™ - Enhanced Parental Controls

Filter content by app, category, website

Schedule offline times by profile

View online usage

Enable/disable YouTube restrictions

Enable/disable safe search

Content filter by VPN/Proxy

Parental control notifications

Prioritize network traffic


ProtectIQ™ - Managed Network Security

Virus and malware protection

Block suspicious traffic

Security updates and alerts



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Are you a parent with kids? There are additional features with ExperienceIQ through the ATC app that can help.

There's a way to manage your children's online experience and make it safer for them without having to be by their side every minute while they are online.

Defective Equipment: You are responsible for the safekeeping of network equipment. ATC has no responsibility for replacing equipment destroyed or damaged by misuse, abuse, or neglect. If ATC determines the equipment to be defective, ATC will either repair or replace the defective equipment. Limited to one equipment replacement per calendar year.

Out-Dated Equipment: ATC will make all reasonable efforts to replace outdated equipment with newer models at no cost to the subscriber. The decision to replace outdated equipment rests solely with ATC.

Cancellation: You may cancel your VIP WiFi subscription after 90 days. Cancellations before the 90 days will result in an early termination fee of $60.00. ATC reserves the right to cancel or change the terms/pricing of this program without notice. In the event, you cancel your subscription to this program, or if the program is canceled by ATC, you must return all equipment to ATC during regular business hours and within 10 days of cancellation or termination of service. If equipment has not been returned to ATC within 10 days, you may be charged the full cost of all unreturned equipment.

One Month Free: After the free trial period charges will be reflected on your bill. To cancel before you see the charges on your bill, please call your local ATC office.