Telecom Network Technician (Arco, ID) 

As a broadband internet service provider, ATC Communications is in one of the fastest-growing industries in the country! As a family owned and operated company since 1929 we have been at the forefront of communication technology for nearly a century. We strive to deliver the best technology and service to our customers and need help doing it. We are searching for a Telecom Network Technician to join our team in Arco, ID to continue expanding our network and taking care of our customers. Job duties include installing, repairing, and maintaining voice and broadband networks and equipment. Experience with copper, fiber, and/or wireless technologies is preferred.   

As a Telecom Network Technician, you will be responsible for wiring and connecting new equipment, while also utilizing testing equipment to determine maintenance and repair needs. You will install, configure, and perform routine maintenance on central office switches and related equipment.  

Job Responsibilities  

  • Installing voice and broadband services on customer premises and explaining equipment and services to the customer, answering any questions they may have.  
  • Maintaining and repairing existing voice and broadband customer premise equipment. 
  • Utilize testing equipment to locate troubles and perform necessary repairs.  
  • Installing, configuring, and performing routine maintenance on central office switches and related equipment.  
  • Run diagnostic testing on central office switches and equipment to determine troubles and complete necessary repairs. 
  • Completing outside plant and central office installation and repair reports.  
  • Working directly with customers explaining problems and acceptable solutions.  
  • Places direct buried cable by operating plowing, digging and trenching equipment. Maintains buried cable by testing and repairing cable. Dismantles, moves and removes underground cable as appropriate. Performs related construction tasks as required. 
  • Performing all other related duties as assigned by management.  

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities  

  • Knowledge of telecommunications, digital switching, and voice and broadband technologies and equipment.  
  • Knowledge of basic electronics, specification sheets, and circuit diagrams.  
  • Knowledge of structured wiring and programming of customer equipment.  
  • Knowledge of company products, services, policies, and procedures  
  • Skill in installing, repairing, and maintaining central office switches and related equipment.  
  • Skill in operating service and testing equipment  
  • Skill in operating various vehicles and construction equipment. 
  • Ability to communicate with co-workers, customers, and various business contacts in a professional manner.  
  • Ability to read and interpret documents such as diagrams, schematics, instruction manuals, blueprints, and specification sheets.  
  • Ability to pay attention to detail, while evaluating, testing, and repairing sophisticated equipment.  
  • Ability to work independently and make sound technical decisions using information at hand.  
  • Ability to effectively function as a team player  

 When you join ATC Communications you are joining a family owned and operated company.  Our team is cooperative, collaborative, and team oriented. We strive for a working environment that is supportive, fairness-focused, and people oriented. Recently recognized  by Idaho’s Best Places to Work as an honorable mention, we strive to take care of our employees and foster an environment that is inclusive, open, and fun! When you join our team, you join our family, and we always take care of our family. We offer competitive pay and amazing benefits! Our benefits include 401(k), Dental, Health, Life, and Vision Insurance as well as Paid Time Off and Sick Leave.   

Job Application

Job Application
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