Choosing the right Internet plan is essential. The more devices you have, combined with the types of activities those devices do, will determine which plan is right for you.

Our Most Popular Plans - No Phone Required!

20 Mbps
Ideal for 2-3 online video streams, (Netflix, Hulu) OR online video gaming
  • Household Size: 3-5
  • No phone required
per month $60.00
Best Deal
50 Mbps
Ideal for multiple online video streams (Netflix, Hulu), video gaming, video conferencing
  • Household Size: 5-7
  • No phone required
per month $70.00
100 Mbps
Ideal for multiple online video streams, video gaming, video conferencing, business use
  • Household Size: 8+
  • No phone required
per month $100.00

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We Deliver What We Promise.

We're dedicated to delivering you the very best internet experience possible.  Customer service isn't just a thing. It's OUR thing.

Did you know that ATC was the very first telecommunications company in Idaho to be Gig Certified  by NTCA? This means our gigabit internet speeds (that's 1,000 Mbps, folks!) have been independently verified. We truly deliver what we promise.

Experience speed like you've never seen before. Throw in five-star customer service, and reliability that is second to none, and you've got nothing to lose. Go for it. Your weekend Netflix binge is about to get a whole lot better.

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Our fiber network is growing! We're stretching fiber across four counties and eight zipcodes to bring big city speeds to the small communities we call home.  Check out our latest advancements taking place in the Lost River Valleys.

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We proudly serve the communities of Albion, Malta, Raft River, Elba, Almo, Yost, Declo, Arco, Howe, Moore, Mackay, Malad City, Holbrook and Portage.

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Is your computer slowing to a crawl?  Are programs freezing up and crashing?  Do you keep getting pop-ups?

ATC offers premium, remote online computer support called eTech.  From the comfort of your home, an eTech technician can clean up, scan, repair and update your computer.  With ATC's eTech service you'll save the time and hassle of unplugging cables and hauling hardware to a repair shop.  eTech is a hands off support service that gives you immediate results from a trusted provider without the hassle.

eTech Computer Packages:


eTech Tune Up  $49.95 per instance

Computers require periodic tune-ups to ensure they are functioning as well as possible. This package offers the end-user the tools to maximize their computer's ability. Let the experienced eTech Technicians get your PC back up to speed with the eTech tune-up.


eTech Clean Up  $79.95 per instance

Technicians will scan the computer and remove common threats and spyware which can slow your computer to a crawl. This service will scan for imminent virus or spyware infections as well as proactively set up the computer to avoid future problems.


eTech Full System Review and Repair $99.95

If the problem is outside the scope of either of the first two options, then the eTech Full System Review and Repair is the answer. This package will offer the customer a higher level support solution which covers a broad spectrum of troubleshooting commonalities.


eTech Training $59.95

Technicians will assist end-users who have recently purchased a new computer or Mac or upgraded opearting systems and have questions. The training session will offer explanations of common tasks and questions about the new computer system. This includes pointers on configuring automatic updates as well as building multiple user accounts to protect sensitive data.


eTech Premier $159.95/year or $69.95 + $12.95/month

The premier support plan provides an unlimited technical support option for any of the services e-Tech offers. This plan offers the customer access to the eTech technical staff as often as needed in order to assist with any type of enhanced service.


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