GIG Internet Is Here!

Industry experts agree that nothing is faster and more reliable than fiber internet. With fiber, you can enjoy Gigabit internet speeds - that's 1,000 Mbps!  With Gig Internet you'll finally have internet that can take you wherever your heart desires.

Get The Gigabit Experience Today!

Only $250 per month!

ATC Communications is the very FIRST internet provider in Idaho to be Gig Certified by NTCA - The Rural Broadband Association. In other words, our gigabit speeds have been independently verified and we actually deliver what we promise! 


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Congratulations to The Brower Family for becoming ATC's first Gig Internet Home. Click here to read more.

Explore Our Coverage Area

We proudly serve the communities of Albion, Malta, Raft River, Elba, Almo, Yost, Declo, Arco, Howe, Moore, Mackay, Malad City, Holbrook and Portage.

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How We Compare

There's a lot of competition out there, but we blow them away every time.

The Other Guys


Reliable Service

Our underground connections aren't affected by inclement weather.

Winter Blackouts


Unlimited Data

We never cap your data usage, giving you the flexibility your family needs.

Data Caps


Lightning Fast

Our speeds are 2 to 50 times faster than other Internet providers.

Evening Slowdowns


Local Advantange

We maintain a response time of under 24 hours. We solve problems fast.

Long Waits