Arco Airport Receives $4,000 Grant For Digital Weather Station

John Muffett, TJ Park (and co-pilot daughter Oaklee), Blaine Cummins (ATC Arco Supervisor), Steve Streeper, and Brent Pearson (not pictured).

We’re excited to team up with the Foundation For Rural Service to provide a $4,000 grant to the Arco Airport! As a member of FRS, ATC submitted a grant proposal to help purchase and install a Dyacon Weather Station at the airport.  This Weather Station will provide pilots with current, airport-specific weather conditions on a 24/7 basis.  Pilots will now have access to vital information such as wind direction, wind speed, visibility, barometric pressure and even runway conditions (such as ice or snow) when requesting to land their aircraft. Since pilots typically avoid flying into unknown weather, this system will encourage increased flight traffic and improve overall flight safety.  Continued support of the Arco Airport is crucial to our community. From the agriculture industry to air ambulances, the Arco Airport is a pillar to our economic stability and growth.

We’re proud to partner with The Foundation for Rural Service to award our community with this much needed grant. This year, FRS awarded $100,000 via 26 grants to advance quality of life and enable economic development in rural America. ATC is excited to partner with this prestigious organization and bring much needed funding and resources to the Lost River Valley.

“We’re always glad to help in any way we can”, reports Blaine Cummins, Arco Area Supervisor. The Airport Board plans to purchase and install the new weather station as soon as possible.