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Get A Jump Start On Your Spring Cleaning

National Clean Out Your Computer Day – February 13th It’s not easy being clean…or so the cliche says.  Finding time to ‘clean’ out your computer means more than just dusting off the keyboard and wiping yesterday’s fingerprints from the screen.  National Clean Out Your Computer Day is a great opportunity to organize your files, delete…

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Insider Secrets For Stronger Wifi

Great Wifi isn’t just born.  It’s created by design.  Understanding a few important design tricks can help you get the most out of your wireless network.  Check out the info graphic below to learn the top 7 Tips for Great Wifi.   Printable Version  

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Suffering From Slow Internet — Then READ this!

Angry woman pulling and tearing out her hair and screaming in front of laptop because of computer crashed ,data loss or is scared of something

  We’ve all been there: Relaxed, feet up, with Netflix playing on the big screen. It’s that pivotal moment in LOST where Jack plays out his dramatic “we live together or die alone” speech. Then it happens – that annoying black screen pops up —“BUFFERING” —. Whether you let loose with a few choice words,…

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Keep My Landline Phone – Or Just Go With A Cell Phone?

Keep My Landline Phone - Or Just Go With A Cell Phone

Naturally, after getting that shiny new cell phone (and of course that LOVELY first cell phone bill), you find yourself wondering whether or not you should keep that old fashioned landline phone.  Seriously – Do you really NEED two phones? Hmmm… That’s a good question. Let’s take a closer look at that cell phone.  Holy…

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