My Computer Was Hacked! What Can I Do?

If you suspect that your computer has been hacked, it’s important to take immediate action. Here is a list of actionable steps to take: 

  1. Disconnect the computer/device from the Internet by either unplugging the network cable or turning off the wireless connection.  
  2. Reset your passwords and log out of all online accounts, make sure accounts have MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) setup where available. Start with important accounts such as password managers, internet banking, shopping, utilities and identity-related websites.  
  3. Remove any external devices such as USB drives, external drives or SD cards. Do not reuse these devices on another computer.  
  4. Call ATC! We can offer professional help through our etech service which scans, repairs and updates your computer. Click the link to learn more about our etech service Cost is based on repairs needed. 
  5. Report it to the Better Business Bureau at and\or the FBI at This free tool gives you the ability to report a suspected scam and warn others so they can avoid similar cons.  

ProtectIQ Through the ATC VIP WiFi App

Enhanced Network Security

You have locks on every door and window. But not on your network?

As viruses and malware become increasingly sophisticated, your network requires an equally innovative solution. ProtectIQ™ helps you keep a lock on your network and alerts you when any unwanted visitors try to enter. Want to see it in action? Click here to see setup videos.