Lived Experiences

Baskin-Robbins cake decorator, HOA security guard, and Department of Forestry dispatcher are just a few job titles Julie Williams has had over the years. All of which have led her to where she is today as a Customer Service Representative in the Malad office. “Having the experience doing the different jobs that I’ve done makes me appreciate that much more what I have now,” she said.

Julie is receiving recognition because she was voted by her peers as a standout employee. Here's what her coworkers have to say:

"Julie always pays so much attention to detail, verifying every little thing she can think of before before officially closing an order. Trying to give the customer the best experience they can get. She is also a very happy person and I see how she can brighten a customers day."

"Julie always goes the extra mile in her work. She is very precise and detail-oriented. She is helpful to the customers and also co-workers making sure everything is done correctly and in a timely order. She is kind and a great team worker."

"She's always willing to do the little extra things that others are not. Very organized & detailed. First to volunteer for projects."