ATC Donates to the Nell J Redfield Memorial Hospital (Malad, ID).

Malad Hospital Windsock Project

In spring 2016, ATC Communications was approached by Troy Estep from the Nell J. Redfield Memorial Hospital (in Malad, ID). Troy outlined the hospital’s need to replace the old, worn out windsock at the helicopter landing pad. The original windsock was constructed on a home-made pole, built out of electrical conduit, and had served its useful life. Troy presented his plan to build a new lighted windsock to aid in the safe landing of air ambulances at the facility.

ATC Communications, along with their fiber construction partners Mid-States Consultants and Henkles and McCoy Construction, were quick to jump at the chance to do something for the community and agreed to take part in the project. Each company donated $1000 towards the cause, and soon other monetary and labor donations rolled in.

The project was a complete success. The new lighted beacon stands 30 feet tall and has greatly added to the safety of the patients, hospital staff, the facility, the helicopter crew and the neighborhood.

ATC is proud to be a part of such a worthwhile cause, and is appreciative of the opportunity to support the wonderful community of Malad.

Pictured above is (left to right) Troy Estep and Wes Jones of the NJRMH, Representing ATC Communications is Sherrie Evans, John Smith from Henkles and McCoy Construction, and Ed Dziergas of Mid-State Consultants.

Malad Hospital Windsock