2016 Spring Fiber Update – Malad, ID


Spring is fast approaching. The snow is melting, the ground is thawing, and the warm weather makes an idyllic environment to continue our multi-million dollar Fiber-To-The-Home investment project in Malad. This complex project actually began back in fall of 2014, where months of planning and preparation led to a two year construction plan. This plan to provide the citizens of Malad with cutting-edge fiber optics was split into two separate “phases”. Phase One would include all patrons living within Malad’s city limits, while “Phase Two” would include those living outside of city limits.

Phase One began the following spring of 2015. Construction crews hit the ground running and began working with homeowners and the City of Malad to plow conduit to anyone living inside of city limits that was interested in fiber.   Soon after, our inside wiring experts met with homeowners and business owners alike to ensure their inside wiring was ready for the fiber upgrade. Once the inside wiring is up to snuff, and the building is connected to fiber, the final step of “Turn Up” is completed. Essentially, this final step involves waving the green flag, and our patrons are off and running with a reliable Internet connection that is lightning fast (speeds up to 100 Mbps!).

At this point in time, we are nearing the completion of Phase One. Nearly all patrons living inside of city limits have been offered the connection to fiber. Almost half of these patrons have been “Turned Up” and are now experiencing the fastest and most efficient Internet experience available. Our crews continue to work diligently to connect and turn up any remaining patrons who live inside of city limits. As weather allows, crews are also working on various clean-up projects, ensuring that all in-town construction areas are left neat and clean.

As Phase One draws to a close, we are already headed full steam into Phase Two – connecting patrons living outside of city limits. Over the next few weeks, contracted construction crews will once again don their hard hats as they plow conduit down main roads, and work with homeowners to get their homes ready for connection. We hope to have all interested patrons connected and “Turned Up” by the end of this year.

ATC has been serving the Malad, Stone, and Holbrook communities since we purchased the areas from US West in 1996. Although there have been numerous infrastructure upgrades over the years, the Fiber-To-The-Home project is far and away the biggest project ever completed. ATC’s General Manager Rich Redman states, “Fiber is the future of communications technology. Fiber is faster, more efficient, and more secure than any other technology available – and Malad deserves the best. Please be patient with us as we endeavor to bring you the best broadband service available.”

As Phase One of the fiber project is completed, and Phase Two begins, we would like to remind patrons to be safe when driving by construction crews. Slower speeds may be necessary.   If you are interested in learning more about ATC Communication’s Fiber to the Home project, please contact our local office at 766-2882.