Idaho State Board of Education Introduces New Assistance Program

Daughter and Mom on devices

Empowering Parents Idaho Customers Only Applications for the 2022-23 school year are now closed.   About the Empowering Parents Program Odyssey in partnership with the Idaho State Board of Education is bringing the Empowering Parents program to families across the state of Idaho. If you are a parent or guardian of an Idaho student(s) in…

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Know What’s Below. Call Before You Dig.

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Congress has recognized April as National Safe Digging Month which means as temperatures increase, and spring digging projects begin it’s important to know what to do even if your project is as small as digging a hole for a mailbox.     In today’s modern living, many of the utilities to service our homes and…

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Scholarship For High School Graduates

ODeen-Feature Image

ODEEN K. REDMAN SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY: We are pleased to continue our ODeen K. Redman Memorial Scholarship in 2023!  ODeen was the president & CEO of ATC Communications from 1965-2013. Being a civic leader and forward thinking innovator, ODeen was the driving force behind ATC’s successful expansion from basic switchboard operations, to top end fiber optic…

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Your Rights as an ATC Customer

Mom and daughter using a laptop

Your Rights as an ATC Communications Customer This notice contains a summary of the Idaho Public Utility Commission’s rules and regulations regarding customer relations and important customer proprietary network information disclosures. It is intended for your information only. We hope it will make you aware of your rights as an ATC customer and will better…

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Five Reasons Why You Should Be Managing Your Home WiFi

ATC VIP WiFi app image

Did you know that the average American household has 16 connected devices in their home?! As that number continues to rise it’s more important than ever to be in control of your home WiFi. Here are five reasons why you should start managing your WiFi today: Security Perhaps the most important reason to manage your…

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Announcing 2023 Plans to Expand Fiber Network in Butte County

2023 Plans

We are expanding our fiber infrastructure in Butte County this year bringing reliable, high-speed internet services to over 90 homes and businesses. Construction for the 2023 season will begin in the second quarter of the year bringing a future-proof fiber optic network to residents in the Decoria subdivision in Arco and other surrounding areas.  …

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The Life and Times of Benjamin Jones

Ben Jones, System Network Tech.

Ben grew up in Monteview, Idaho. “Growing up in Monteview was fun! There are a lot of open spaces for bike riding, exploring, and just being a kid without worries,” Ben said. When he was not exploring, Ben was attending school in the West Jefferson School District. Ben’s favorite subjects in school were Math and…

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Long-Time Customer Turned Tenured Employee

Marijane Jolley, long-time customer turned tenured employee.

For most, the Albion Valley is just a small window in time as they drive to and from Pomerelle or the City of Rocks but for Marijane Jolley Albion has been her home for 87 years. Forty-three of which were spent working at ATC Communications (Albion Telephone Company) answering phones, running service orders, and trouble…

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What’s the Difference Between Internet and WiFi?

Internet and WiFi are terms we see used interchangeably all the time. “Hey, what’s your WiFi password?” or “Can I get your internet password?.” They mean the same thing, don’t they?   Actually, the internet and WiFi are two separate entities that work together to give you internet access. You can have internet without WiFi but…

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2022 Year in Review From completing fiber projects to launching the first-ever ATC app, celebrating major employee achievements, and welcoming new team members – 2022 was nothing short of great! As we look to the future, our top priority is and will always be to provide our customers with the best experience possible. We’re excited to see what…

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