More than Meets the Eye

ATC customers in Cassia County know Erik Bywater as the man who installs and fixes the internet but what many might not know is outside of work, he is a passionate sports enthusiast and a devoted family man. Growing up in Rupert, Erik dreamed of becoming a professional bowler – which comes as no surprise, as he routinely averages an impressive score of 233. “I grew up watching my dad bowl and since the age of three I’ve just followed in his footsteps,” he said. Erik’s love for sports doesn't stop there. He's equally skilled in softball and golf, and he's instilled the same passion for sports in his children, whom he takes great pride in watching grow as athletes.  

After graduating from Minico High School, Erik jumped right into the workforce, working as a contractor for PMT in Rupert and ATC. He credits Jim Sibbett who was the owner of the contracting company, for mentoring him for six years and encouraging him to apply for a job at ATC. “From day one, I knew I wanted to work in the Telecom industry, thanks in large part to Jim,” Erik said. “He constantly encouraged me and taught me a lot about the industry.” In 2005, Erik was hired as a Combo Technician for ATC in the Arco office. After spending several years in Arco, Erik and his family found themselves back in the Mini Cassia area. In 2020, Erik was promoted to the Albion Plant Supervisor role, a title he still holds today.  

There’s a shared sentiment that many employees, including Erik, have about working at ATC. “One thing that most people probably don’t know about ATC is how well the employees are treated,” he said. “When you work here, you’re not just a number, you are treated like a family member.” The culture of treating employees like family members may explain why Erik is celebrating his 18th year with the company or perhaps it’s the lesson of loyalty, hard work, and dedication that being a passionate sports enthusiast and devoted family man have taught him.    


 Erik has earned this well-deserved recognition because his coworkers voted him as a top performing employee this quarter. His peers have spoken highly of him and here is what they had to say.  

“Erik is great to work with and be around. He is always so good to listen and help us with any situation that comes up even in a pinch. The customers really like Erik, he is so respectful and courteous with them.” 

“Erik is someone who you know is going to get things done. He also cares about his serving community and is their biggest advocate.”