Recapping the Past Few Months at ATC

From the deployment of fiber to new and existing customers, to momentous work anniversaries, and fun community events, these past few months have been a whirlwind of activity. As we say goodbye to the warm weather and brace ourselves for winter, we want to take a moment to appreciate all the accomplishments and fun we’ve had the past few months.  

Fiber Construction 

We set out a few years ago with the goal of delivering the best in internet technology to all our customers. Each year we get closer and closer to that goal. Our initial plan this year was to serve 300 homes and businesses with fiber internet. We have delivered on that promise and have brought fiber to 311 homes and businesses. The main fiber projects this year included:  

Riverside Subdivision in Springdale – Located between Declo and Burley, the Riverside subdivision was an underserved community desperate for better connectivity. After several months of construction, we brought fiber to 32 homes.  

Elba Town – We're proud to say that we've been serving the wonderful community of Elba for many years. It's been an honor to provide service to this small southeast Idaho community. This year, we replaced aging copper lines with fiber to 12 homes in the town of Elba.  

Elba to Almo – By plowing mainline fiber from Elba to Almo we were able to expand our network as well as hook up homes along the way. The total number of homes served during this project was 28.   

Almo Town – Similar to the town of Elba, we’ve been serving the community of Almo for many years. This year, we replaced aging copper lines with fiber to 39 homes.  

Decoria Subdivision in Arco - Our first Butte County project this year was replacing aging aerial copper in the Decoria subdivision. The number of homes we took fiber to totals 16.  

Leslie – Another mainline fiber project his year was in Leslie, a small community between Mackay and Arco. Seventy-five homes are set to receive fiber next Spring.  

North Chilly – To finish the edge of our network we sent a construction crew to Custer County and hooked up 21 customers in North Chilly.  

“At ATC we are dedicated to improving the quality of service for our customers,” Kyle Redman, Director of Sales & Business Development said. “Reliable internet is essential to everyday life and the residents in our communities deserve the best in internet technology. We are proud to be bringing reliable service to our customers.”    

If you are interested in a fiber internet connection, submit your address HERE. The interest we receive helps us better determine where to build next.    

Milestone Work Anniversaries  

Congratulations are in order for Carol Nye, Brent Clark, Julie Laumb, Cindy Pease, and Dave Perry on their work anniversaries! Carol has been with the company for an impressive 15 years, while Brent, Julie, and Cindy achieved a remarkable milestone of 25 years of dedicated service. Dave celebrated a momentous 30 years with the company. We are truly grateful for their hard work, unwavering commitment, and loyalty to ATC and our customers. 

Community Events  

Employee Appreciation - This year’s team building outing was held at the Lava Zipline and Ropes Course in Lava Hot Springs. The course tested our coordination, stamina, and strength, but it came as no surprise to see our team rise to the challenge with determination. Afterward, we enjoyed a delicious meal at the Sandpiper in Pocatello which proved to be a great opportunity for everyone to unwind and bond after a physically challenging day. Days like these are great reminders of the incredible talent we have on our team. We are proud to have such an amazing team of people who never fail to impress us.  

Customer Appreciation - In addition to the employee event this summer we also hosted a customer appreciation event. Over 400 people, including customers, friends, and ATC staff, were present at Albion City Park in June for our annual customer appreciation event. The aroma of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, the sound of live music by Barton and Bollar, and a custom 10ft tall ATC balloon arch all contributed to making the event’s theme “burgers, dogs and good vibes” a reality. 

Julie’s Clothes for Kids - 200+ kids in the Mini-Cassia area gathered at Walmart for the fifth annual Julie's Clothes for Kids event in August. In preparation for the new school year, the kids were able to stock up on essentials such as shoes, clothing, school supplies, books, and a backpack. We had the great privilege of providing the school supplies and backpacks for the last couple of years and were delighted to do it again this year.