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Is Now Available

Without A Home Phone!

Introducing our brand new INTERNET ONLY plans - available without any type of home phone!

20 Mbps
Ideal for 2-3 online video streams, (Netflix, Hulu) OR online video gaming
  • Household Size: 3-5
  • No phone required
per month $60.00
Best Deal
50 Mbps
Ideal for multiple online video streams (Netflix, Hulu), video gaming, video conferencing
  • Household Size: 5-7
  • No phone required
per month $70.00
100 Mbps
Ideal for multiple online video streams, video gaming, video conferencing, business use
  • Household Size: 8+
  • No phone required
per month $100.00

Wanna Go Faster?

The Sky Is The Limit.

500 Mbps...........................$200.00

1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps)........$250.00

Frequently Asked Questions


What is “Mbps” and why do I need more?

“Mbps” stands for “Megabits Per Second” and is a measurement of your internet speed. With faster internet, web pages will load faster and online video shouldn’t stall or buffer. Basically, the more devices you have connected to your Wifi, the more internet speed you need.


I live in a remote area. Will I still get a fast speed?

We are continually upgrading our network, and constantly striving to provide faster speeds to our remote areas. If you are unable to receive the speed you desire, we will provide you with the fastest speed you CAN receive for the same price.


How do I switch to a new Internet Only plan?

With no contract commitment for current subscribers (and no technician visit needed) switching is easy and hassle free! Simply call, chat online, or stop by your local office and we’ll process your request within 24 hours.


Do I have to sign a contract to get an Internet Only Plan?

We’re pleased to offer this super-fast internet plan WITHOUT strings attached. No contract or commitment is required for current Internet customers. New subscribers must pay a $50 Internet set-up fee, or they can get FREE installation with a one year contract commitment.


Do I need to up upgrade my equipment to get this faster internet speed?

If your wireless router is more than five years old, it may not be capable of handling faster internet speeds. Older computers may also struggle. If you have any questions about the speed or range of your wireless network, please contact us. We’re here to help!


My internet feels slow.  How do I test my internet speed?

To test your speed please visit If your speed test results are lower than they should be, please contact us! Often times we don’t know you’re experiencing difficulty unless you let us know.