Know What’s Below. Call Before You Dig.


Before you step on the back of that shovel, or line up a contractor to start the excavation, there is one thing you should know: In today’s modern living, many of the utilities to service our homes and businesses are now installed underground. Water, sewer, natural gas, power, telephone, cable TV, and fiber optic lines are just to name a few. And here’s the catch – You have a legal and financial responsibility for any damage caused to those underground utilities. Ouch, that sounds expensive!

But wait! There is a better solution! Doesn’t it make better sense to know where your underground utilities are before you start to dig? In fact, you can get all underground utilities professionally located with one quick and simple phone call! Plus, it’s FREE! Idaho’s state wide line-locate service known as “Digline” is the answer.  It’s super easy to use. Simply call 811.

Got questions? How deep are my lines buried? How long does it take to get lines located? Check out for more information.