LIFELINE & Idaho Telephone Service Assistance Program (ITSAP)

Financial assistance is available in Idaho to help qualified low-income individuals pay for telephone or internet service.  The Federal Communication Commission’s Lifeline Program (Lifeline) offers a monthly discount of $9.25 which can be applied to telephone or internet bills.  The Idaho Telephone Service Assistance Program (ITSAP) offers a $2.50 discount on monthly telephone bills. 

How much can I save?

If you qualify for both programs, Lifeline and ITSAP can save you up to $11.75 a month on your phone or internet bills.

Who is eligible?

These discounts are available to qualifying consumers throughout Idaho. Eligibility is determined by the total household income that does not exceed 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG).

How do I apply for assistance?

To see if you qualify, visit the National Verifier Service at

Or you may qualify using the paper form with the documents below:

Do I need to apply every year?

Yes. Your eligibility must be renewed each year.

What else do I need to know?

The federal Lifeline program has additional unique qualifications. A brief summation of program rules are listed below.

  • If you qualify, your household can get Lifeline assistance for phone or internet service, but not both.
  •  If you get Lifeline for phone service, you can get the benefit for one mobile phone or one home
    phone, but not both.
  • If you get Lifeline for internet service, you can get the benefit for your mobile phone or your home
    connection, but not both.
  • Your household cannot get Lifeline from more than one phone or internet company.
  • You are only allowed to get one Lifeline benefit per household, not per person.
  • If more than one person in your household gets Lifeline, you are breaking the FCC’s rules and will lose your benefit.

Where can I get more information?

Federal Communications Commission

Lifeline Guide


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