ATC Stages.
  1. Interest Phase: The amount of interest received will dictate where we go next. Click on the Search Address bar below to find your address and submit your interest.
  2. Sign-Up Phase: Once the percentage graph below is fully complete you will then be prompted to sign-up at which point you will choose the services you would like.
  3. Construction Phase: Construction usually takes up to three months to complete.
  4. Complete Phase: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the most advanced communications technology on the planet!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fiber? Fiber is the most advanced communications technology on the planet! Fiber delivers fast internet speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and un-matched reliability. With a fiber connection, your home will have the same advanced connectivity as the most high-tech buildings in the world.  

How is fiber installed?  To install fiber, first we trench or plow in conduit 36 inches underground. Once the conduit is in place we blow the fiber optic cable through it using compressed air at very high speeds. We then splice the fiber to provide connectivity to the home. Once the splice is in place we take the connection inside your home where the fiber is plugged into a modem/router Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and router to deliver WiFi throughout your home. During construction our goal is to treat your property as if it were our own. We strive to restore your property to as close to original condition as possible.  

Is there a cost to bring the fiber to my home? Due to the sizeable costs of fiber construction at least 85% of homes in your neighborhood must opt-in to fiber service. 

What type of equipment will be installed at my home? To bring the fiber connection into your home we will provide an Optical Network Termination (ONT) which will link the fiber to our network. From that ONT we will provide you with a wireless router which will emit WiFi throughout your home.  

How long does it take once construction has started? Construction times vary based on the size of the project and the number of customers being hooked up. We generally try to get everything wrapped up in 3 months.  


How does the construction process work? The construction process is broken into different phases. Phase 1 is plowing main line conduit. Phase 2 is blowing the fiber into the main line conduit. Phase 3 is plowing a smaller conduit to the home. Phase 4 is blowing or pulling the fiber to the home. Phase 5 is splicing the fiber to provide connectivity to the home. Phase 6 Connecting the home using a modem/router and providing WiFi throughout the home.

Will it disturb my yard or property? Yes. In order to connect your home we will need to plow or trench from our main line to your home. During construction, our goal is to treat your property as if it were our own. We strive to restore your property to as close to original condition as possible. 

Does having a fiber connection increase the value of my home? Yes! According to a study done by the Fiber To The Home Council homes with a fiber connection sold on average at 3.1% higher than homes without a fiber connection.  

Will fiber improve my life? Technology in our world continues to advance and evolve. More and more we are seeing life’s daily activities being influenced by the world wide web. Being connected today is more important than ever before. Work, school, leisure can now all be done at the click of a button. With a fiber connection there is no holding back, you are connected to whatever you want to be connected to, you have access to opportunities other broadband connections can’t provide. Fiber is fast, reliable, and secure. Yes, it can improve your life.   


Fiber delivers data at the speed of light. This technology ensures our rural communities do not get left behind.

-Rich Redman, President and CEO

Rich Redman

Download Speed Comparison Table

This table gives you a better sense of how fast fiber internet is compared to other broadband speeds. Keep in mind the download speeds will vary depending on your specific internet service connection.