Did Santa Bring You A New Gadget?

Need More Speed

At ATC, we want you to get the MOST out of your Internet!  Which means making sure you have ENOUGH speed for all those nifty new devices Santa brought!  Remember, Netflix recommends a minimum speed of 5 Mbps to stream HD video on just one device!  If your household has multiple devices (laptop, smart TV, Xbox, tablet, or smartphone), we recommend a minimum speed of 10 Mbps.

So let’s break this down: Your internet connection is like a highway. The bigger your internet highway is, the more “traffic” it can handle.  If you’re still getting by on 3 Mbps (megabites per second) then it probably feels like you’re limping along an old dirt road when you try to watch Netflix.  Doubling your speed (a simple $10 upgrade) might be the best gift you ever bought yourself.

Here’s the good news: Call us today and you can try any faster internet speed for no extra cost for 3 months!  Just mention the promo code “TRYIT” when you call!  It’s easy: We’ll upgrade your speed and you’ll receive your first three months for the same price you pay today!*  Remember, you can always check out our wide variety of internet plans here.

We hope you enjoy your fancy new gadgets from Santa! It’s good to know you made the “Nice List” again this year! Give us a call to make the most out of your internet today!

*TRYIT offer available to current ATC customers only.  New 1 year contract, or extension of existing contract, is required for 3 month promo pricing. Download speeds may be up to 15% lower due to network requirements, customer location, and customer equipment. Not all customers will qualify for faster speeds. Subject to $25 downgrade fee if service is downgraded while still in contract. Offer expires 1/31/2017.