“The Central Newsletter”?

Grandma Breslin _Featured Image

The story behind why we changed the newsletter from being entertainment based to being more company and industry-focused and why we choose to call it "The Central Newsletter" 

Our newsletter has a new look and a new name! Gone are the days of cat gifs, baking videos, and DIY tips. Although the cat gifs were popular, we knew that as entertaining as those videos were, they weren’t relevant to who we are and what we do as a company. Now, we know what you are thinking...."watching a kitten chase a string is more entertaining than learning about fiber construction”, but before you hit that unsubscribe button, hear us out. The new newsletter content will be informative and educational because we believe that an educated customer is a happy customer. There will also be exclusive promotions for current customers (YAY savings), employee spotlights so you can get to know our team better, and customer success stories that will leave you inspired and ready to elevate your tech game and so on! 

As for the name change, the word Central seemed fitting in more ways than one. The first being that we wanted to create a “central” location where relevant, informative, entertaining content could live. The second and more sentimental reason being that Central was used to refer to a very special lady who changed the trajectory of our business, Jeanette Breslin, also known as Grandma Breslin.   

Our company originates back to 1929, when magneto crank telephones were the preferred method of communication. Since this was before the invention of landline dial tones, "Grandma Breslin" personally sat at the switchboard 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. She became fondly known as "Central" to everyone in the area, as she connected calls for over 35 years. During this time, she also served as the town's only nurse, providing medical aid to anyone in need. Grandma Jeannette Breslin's caring nature and spirit of service are the foundation on which we continue operations today and without her dedication to our business, we wouldn’t be where we are today. 

We hope you find the quarterly newsletter informative and inspiring, and we hope it’s something that you look forward to seeing in your email inbox.