Job Openings

Jason Merrill, Network Technician.

We are hiring for the current job openings: Telecom Network Technician (Arco, ID) Telecom Network Technician (Malad, ID) Customer Service Representative (Malad, ID) To see the full job descriptions and…

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How Does WiFi Calling Work?

Enabling WiFi calling allows user to call out when cellular carriers temporarily loose service.

WiFi calling is a great alternative if your phone provider’s coverage is spotty or if there is an outage. WiFi calling acts just like a regular phone call – you…

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Your Rights as an ATC Customer

Mom and daughter using a laptop.

Your Rights as an ATC Communications Customer This notice contains a summary of the Idaho Public Utility Commission’s rules and regulations regarding customer relations and important customer proprietary network information…

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More than Meets the Eye

Internet technician working on fiber.

ATC customers in Cassia County know Erik Bywater as the man who installs and fixes the internet but what many might not know is outside of work, he is a…

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Recapping the Past Few Months at ATC

Fiber internet construction

From the deployment of fiber to new and existing customers, to momentous work anniversaries, and fun community events, these past few months have been a whirlwind of activity. As we…

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Hotspot Dependent to Fiber Optic Transcendent

Max Huggins, Portage Utah major. One year ago, Portage, a small town in northern Utah, was among a long list of underserved rural communities in the United States. Today, the small town in Box…

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