We “Back” Community Youth Programs

As the Lost River Valley’s only local internet provider, we provide a “backbone” of communication to the communities we love.  In keeping with the spirit of support, we’re proud to “back” Arco’s Community Parks and Recreation Programs again this fall.

Nearly 100 girls and boys from around the area participated in Arco’s Parks and Rec six-week long athletic programs.  Mindy Gamett, in cooperation with the Butte High Volleyball team, ran a stellar indoor volleyball program. Mindy and her crew hosted back to back sessions with nearly 65 youngsters over six weeks.  Meanwhile, Dallin Schreiber (a Senior at Butte High) teamed up with the Butte High Football team to run the outdoor flag football session.  Both programs focused on teaching the fundamentals of the game, along with encouraging team play and good sportsmanship.  At the end of the six week session, ATC provided shirts to all participants of both programs.

The Arco Community Parks and Recs program is entirely volunteer based.  With ATC’s sponsorship, all participant fees were able to stay inside the program.  Monies raised from player fees will be applied to heating the Rec Hall gym (for the upcoming winter basketball session) as well as equipment costs.  “These types of programs wouldn’t exist without volunteers.  We’re happy to support them and play a small part in their success. “ – Blaine Cummins, ATC Arco Area Supervisor.