An Unexpected Change of Course

Rob Hitt's journey to becoming a Construction Manager for ATC was anything but typical. Before the unforeseen career change, Rob, who was 26 years old at the time, worked on a ranch tending to cattle, managing irrigation lines, and caring for horses. The course of his life took a remarkable shift when an unexpected call from the General Manager of ATC, an employer who he thought was unreachable, rang through. 

“Rich Redman called me and asked if I could help build their network for the new exchanges in Arco and Malad,” Hitt said. “I didn’t have any experience with telecommunications construction, but it meant a lot that Rich called and asked me.” Nearly thirty years later and here he still is plowing conduit and leaving the job site better than he found it.    

His commitment to improving every site he works on can be traced back to his father’s influence. As an employee of the Highway District, Rob’s father, played a significant role in shaping Rob's work ethic and attention to detail. “I knew my Dad didn’t appreciate when construction crews would come in and tear up roads and not fix them. I knew I wanted to have a reputation as someone who people could trust and depend on to clean up the construction site.”  

Just two years shy of hitting his 30th year work anniversary it came as a shock to hear him immediately recall his first day on the job. “I remember the first day I started I was so nervous,” he said laughingly. “The work was so different than what I was used to.” Overwhelmed by the amount of work and information, Rob wasn’t sure he made the right choice accepting Rich’s offer but advice from an old friend was just what he needed to hear at the time. “He told me to just remember a few things every day and to not get overwhelmed with learning everything at once. That was just the thing I needed to hear to help me settle into the new role.”  

Rob's dedication to his work at ATC has been appreciated by many throughout the years. It's interesting to think that a single phone call could pivot his journey, bringing him to where he is now. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Rob for his unwavering commitment and service to ATC over the years. As a top performing employee, voted by his coworkers, here are some of things his peers had to say:  

"Rob is a ROCKSTAR!! He works hard and has a dirty job. He will do what it takes to get the job done right. Rob is the best." 

"Rob is one of the most hard-working guys in the company. He's a one man show and puts in the work for 3 guys. Keep up the great work BOB-T!" 

"He can grow the whitest of beards and he deserves the recognition before he retires." 

"Bob-T is a great friend and coworker. he always has ATC in mind and has always had their back!”