How do I block My Caller ID?

There are times when anonymity is important. Block My Caller ID allows you to prevent your name and number from being displayed on Caller ID.  It is important to note that Caller ID customers who receive your call will see the word “Private” displayed when you call. They are then free to accept or refuse your call.

Per Call Blocking
Blocks your name and number on a per call basis. To use, press *67. There is no charge to use this feature. It is automatically included with all phone plans.

Line Blocking
This blocks your name and number on all the calls you make unless you unblock with *82.  This feature costs $1 per month. Line Blocking is automatic once you have requested that it be added to your line. To remove blocking on just one call, press *82.  This will allow your name and number to be displayed on just that one call.