What is Call Waiting?

Call Waiting notifies you that another person is trying to call you when you are on the phone. You can put one call on hold while handling the second call, or alternate between the two calls. Click here for pricing information.

To Use Call Waiting:

  1.  When you hear a brief tone, quickly press and release the disconnect or “hang-up” button on your phone. Answer the second call.
  2. To return tot the first call or alternate between calls, quickly press and release the disconnect or “hang-up” button each time.
  3. You may also answer the waiting call by hanging up and waiting for the phone to ring.
  4. To cancel either call, simply hang up. When your phone rings again, you’ll be connected with the person who’s still on the line.
  5. To cancel call waiting during any call, simply press *70 while on the call. Call waiting will be automatically restored when you hang up the call.

If you also have Three-Way Calling, you can turn off Call Waiting during a call. Here’s how:

  1. Press and release the receiver button on your phone during your conversation.
  2. Push *70
  3. Press the receiver button again to continue your conversation without interruption. Call waiting will not work again until after you hang up the current call.